Emma Stone Is A Futuristic Badass In ‘Interview’ Magazine

Is this Chanel neckpiece a necklace or a collar? Either way, Emma Stone looks awesome.
Photo: Interview Magazine

Is there any magazine Emma Stone hasn’t been in this summer? From sharing shoots with her on and off-screen love Andrew Garfield to covers shot solo (on Vogue, no less), the actress, who is without a doubt one of our all time faves on screen, is also one of our favorites on the page. In her latest spread, for Interview, Emma takes a break from rocking spotless couture and cute fall basics to get a little futuristic on us. Sporting a stunning Chanel necklace (when does a necklace become a collar, we wonder), and lit in moody magentas, Stone looks every bit a warrior, and there’s hardly a hint of her usual style. Not that we didn’t already think Emma was a badass, but we never imagined her glaring at us with a smokey eye and a look for which ’smoldering’ is an understatement. Paired with a slick blonde pompadour and a gaggle of hot dudes in sunglasses, this is a future we’d be more than happy to live in.

The thing we love most about Emma is that she has the perfect combination of beauty, brains, and humor. Is there any girl prettier than one with a big smile, a great laugh, and jokes for days? We certainly don’t think so. The ability to bring on the attitude and rock some seriously major designer duds, though? Dreamgirl. In the spread, Stone wears some SERIOUS designers, from the aforementioned Chanel necklace, to a Yves Saint Laurent chain mail gown with a deep V like no other, to a Lanvin look that’s part Tron, part goth mod. To see all the photos, check out Interview.