These Are A Few Of DJ Lindsay Luv's Favorite Things

dj lindsay luv

DJ Lindsay Luv.
Photo: Courtesy of DJ Lindsay Luv

LA-based DJ-to-the-stars Lindsay Luv is a CA-UTIE, and I’m not just talking about her adorbs DJ name. I’m talking about drooling over her penchant for a good smokey eye, blood-red lips, and major '90s towering platforms. And not just any platforms, you guys—she OWNS a pair of Scary Spice’s signed platforms (above). (When I found out she’s BFFs with Mel B, I ugly cried a little and seriously stanned out a.k.a. collapsed, got on my knees begging whilst throwing wads of cash at Luv before revealing my deep dark secret [see: my 11-year-old “job” as the founder of the Spice Gazette circa ‘97 AOL A/S/L chatroom days, which folded after experiencing post-Ginger Spice depression and discovering Britney Spears.] *sigh*) Well, Luv unfortunately wouldn’t budge on those leopard-patterned beauties, so I settled for interviewing her for Favorite Things. Spoiler alert: You’re gonna luv it (heh), particularly those Chanel gold mesh fingerless gloves and her Lady Gaga signed album LP. #killmenow Time to spice up your closets, y’all.

dj lindsay luv

Photos: All images courtesy of DJ Lindsay Luv

Statement Piece: My Chanel gold mesh fingerless gloves! Apparently only Karl and I have these, as they were a sample. High five! And definitely my blush pink Miu Miu shades.

dj lindsay luv

eBay Purchase: My antique oak vanity! I feel so Marilyn Monroe sitting in it each morning powdering my face.

Stores: Topshop and Helmut Lang for the best-fitting pants and crazy leggings. I love boutiques like Oak in New York for high fashion hipster duds, Milk on 3rd in LA for cute event outfits, "bohemian haven" a.k.a. Free People for cutoffs and soft tees. Victoria’s Secret has the BEST “funderwear”!

dj lindsay luv

Perfume: A Beautiful Mind: Intelligence & Fantasy. I picked this up at adult boutique Coco De Mer, and I am convinced it is the sexiest perfume on earth! As it turns out, science is behind me as. It was developed by a scientist who studied memory and how it relates to scent.

Nail Polish: Essie! I love the hot neon pink/orange color “Camera” for summer, and the silver glitter “Set in Stones” is always hot.

Karaoke Song:Wannabe” by the Spice Girls. Zig-a-zig-ahh!

dj lindsay luv

Shoes: I am a shoe FREAK! I can’t pick one favorite. Some of my beloved are my Diesel Black Gold booties, my Ryan Haber Collection mint booties, my Chinese Laundry blinged out heels, and I have a pair of Scary Spice’s original Spice Girls signed platform sneakers to inspire Girl Power in my music studio!

dj lindsay luv

Fast Food Chain: Subway! I get the exact same Veggie Delight sandwich every time I go. And In-N-Out for the occasional grilled cheese splurge.

Hangover Cure: Diet Coke, spicy Thai Food, vitamins and four Advil.

Concert T-Shirt: An original 1980s Def Leppard World Tour concert baseball tee.

Music Video:Scream” with Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson. Two of my favorite stars rocking spacesuits and dancing their way around a spaceship? Out of this WORLD!

Style Era: '80s! Big Hair, puffy paint, legwarmers, fingerless gloves, one earring, jellies, Aquanet, Brat Pack movies and oh, the MUSIC!

Album Cover Art: Lady Gaga: The Fame. 1.) Because I am obsessed with shield sunglasses. 2.) Because it was the start of something HUGE, and 3.) Because she signed it for me, and I love her!

Magazine: NYLON and Bon Appetit. Fashion, music and food—my three favorite things!

dj lindsay luv

Lipstick: Tarte Spirited on top of Smashbox Guava. The perfect vinyl red lip. Ch-ch-cherry bomb!

Moisturizer: Citron de Vigne by Fresh! I love anything citrus-y.

Jams to Spin: Rihanna everything. Madonna everything. Also Holy Ghost, Chromeo, Metric, Santigold and Gwen Stefani. And of course I love wild house and electro remixes of popular songs to keep everyone dancing!

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