Lady Gaga's Brown Hair, Avril Lavigne's Engagement Ring And More Top Our Headlines Of The Week

Lady Gaga, hair

Lady Gaga shows off her new brown hair.
Photo: Via @TheKillerQueen_'s Twitter

• Nothing like some major breaking hair news to kick off the week! And leave it to Lady Gaga to give us the ultimate beauty shocker, by going what she calls "Louis Vuitton brown." Oh Gaga, we love you...

• While the rest of us were, you know, sleeping, Avril Lavigne went and got ENGAGED to Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger! What do you think of her 14-carat rock?!

• There's no question Emma Watson is gorgeous, but the Brit actress outdoes even herself on the cover of T Magazine.

• New haircut, edgy new style? We predict what Miley Cyrus will wear to this year's VMAs, straight from the runway!

• We didn't think Shia LaBeouf could take his beard evolution any further, but guess what- he totally did. Woodsman chic, anyone?

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