Iggy Azalea Gives Double The Drama For ‘Flavor’ Magazine

Iggy Azalea on the September/October cover of ’Flavor’ magazine.
Photo: Via ’Flavor’ magazine

We don’t know what exactly it is about Iggy Azalea that makes us go completely insane. Like, whenever we see a picture of her we need to stop and stare at it for a few seconds (OK, minutes) longer than we should until it gets to that point where we feel creepy. And then Flavor magazine comes along and drops their September/October issue with Iggy on the front with not one, but TWO different covers, and it completely does us in. I mean, WUT. TWO AMAZING PICS OF IGGY TO STARE AT. Cue the sweating. For her first look, she went all-out goth in a killer wide-leg black jumpsuit with a cut-out bustier paired with a long, embellished coat worn as a cape. She BA-ROUGHT her accessories game by slipping on piles of bangles, studded rings, and silver chokers. For a pop of color, she sported fire engine red matte lipstick with her signature cat eye and high ponytail. PERF.

For her second cover, Iggy exudes straight-up ’80s decadence in an olive green velvet tuxedo jacket paired with a jeweled statement necklace and bright red nails. We’re OB-SESSED with her waved retro ’do (let that hair down, girl!) and red-lipped pout. But, of course, we HAVE to choose a favorite look, so we piicckkk *drum roll* the second look! We’re a sucker for color, AND we love that hair sososo much, but we have to know what you think. Tell us which Iggy look you like best in the comments below!


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