Battle Of The Bike Bags: Which One Gets Your Vote?

New bike bags from Loeffler Randall (left) and Giles Deacon.
Photo: Courtesy of Loeffler Randall/Getty Images

Helmet? Check. Comfy shoes? Check. Um, bike? Check! If you've got all of these things already, then there's only one thing left on your list: an easy bicycle-friendly purse. And lucky for us, just this week two of our favorite labels, Loeffler Randall and Giles Deacon, have rolled out their very own bags made "officially" for bikes. Loeffler Randall's brand-new "Rider Bag" collection features variations on the classic leather attaché handbag- metal studs, gold locks, or even cherry red- take your pick! One thing these six different styles DO have in common, though, is two back straps that easily fasten to any bike. You can watch all the two-wheeling action yourself in the brand's adorable fashion movie here (warning: you'll be tempted to splurge on your own ASAP). However, Loeffler Randall's not the ONLY one hitting the road with a new purse. Not to be outdone, British designer Giles Deacon has also crafted his own edition of the bike bag, "The Giles for Sky Ride."

In collab with U.K. organization Sky Ride, the accessory is splashed with Giles's signature quirky touches- bright colors like teal and coral, funky snake print, and even reflective material so you can ride at night. Just like the Loeffler Randall version, "Giles for Sky Drive" comes with two straps to store your stuff on the go. His colorful collab might retail for a reasonable $65 online, but the bad news? You'll have to wait until October to get your hands on the purses.

Sure, these awesome accessories might be intended for the streets...but they're so cute, we don't blame you for buying them even if you're NOT a road warrior yourself. So in the battle of the bike bags, which one do you like best?!

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