Would You Wear Festival Feet?

Festival Feet

Would you wear Festival Feet?
Photo: Courtesy of Spinning Hat

I guess that question is a little clunky. I'm not actually asking if you'll wear FEET, since, you know, you probably already have those growing from your legs. I'm talking about these things called Festival Feet that I found whilst perusing Spinning Hat (as I do), an online stuff retailer specializing in products of the not-so-serious variety. "Okay," you might say, "what did you expect from a site touting products with 'playful design?'" I honestly have no idea, but I can't say I expected these tromp l'oeil Chuck Taylors.

The bulk of festival season is under our belts, but with Bumbershoot and Jay-Z's "Made In America" endeavor still lurking on the horizon, these Festival Feet can't be rendered entirely irrelevant. Inclement weather at festivals is a very real concern - both for style and, y'know, safety. You probably remember our muddy Lollapalooza evacuation... But if the heavens suddenly opened up, would you really rather shirk a pair of sturdy wellies for these elastic-banded FOOT BAGS? Also, pay, like $8 USD for them? We're not so sure. Let us know what you think of these Festival Feet in the comments!

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