Nicki Minaj Reveals New Pink Friday Fragrance Bottle

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday

Nicki Minaj's new Pink Friday fragrance.
Photo: Via My Pink Friday

OH. MY. GAH. The moment has finally come, y'all—Nicki Minaj revealed the name and bottle design of her first-ever fragrance via Twitter this morning! Eeeee. Her scent, called Pink Friday, comes in a gussied up gold mannequin-esque bust complete with Nicki's signature bubblegum pink bob and lipstick (Hello, M.A.C.!) that closely resembles her Pink Friday album cover. Her bottle also dons a sheer pink and white bustier paired with (our favorite part) a mini "Nicki Minaj" nameplate necklace! I meannnn, is this thing detachable? Can we wear it as a bracelet? NEED. TO. KNOW. MORE.

We've been watching Nicki's Twitter like a hawk to get ALL the deets we can, and so far all we know is that it'll be released at the end of September with "dope box sets." There's no word on what the actual scent will smell like, but we're guessing it'll be something super sweet and Barbz-tastic! But, like, is anyone confused as to how this bottle actually works? Like where does the spritz come out of? WHAT DO WE PUSH TO RELEASE THE GOODNESS? Her hair? Her shoulder? Will it come out the top à la Jean Paul Gaultier's bustier perfume bottle? Only time will tell! Until then, tell us—do you like Nicki Minaj's new perfume bottle? Let us know in the comments below!

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