Steven Colbert And Jon Stewart Team Up With Urban Outfitters For 'Indecision 2012'

Steven Colbert and Urban Outfitters want you to vote..
Photo: Urban Outfitters

Are you a little bit confused? Not just about this year's election, but also about why that Uncle Sam pictured above looks a And also a little familiar? That's because it's Steven Colbert, host of Comedy Central's The Colbert Report, pointing at you with his oh so very patriotic finger. The poster is a part of Indecision 2012, Comedy Central's name for their election coverage, and now a partnership between Comedy Central and Urban Outfitters. Offering both show and election themed merchandise, along with irreverent mugs, pins, and the aforementioned poster (which is $19.00), the collection seeks to get young voters more engaged with the upcoming election. The partnership also marks the first time the mass retailer has partnered with a television network.

Although most of the merchandise is pretty standard issue--The Daily Show t-shirts, mugs about voting and drinking, you know--there are also some totally hilarious items, like this "America" t-shirt featuring Steven Colbert's face superimposed over the face of Napoleon. It's nice to see politics made fun of like this, as the election is about to kick into high gear with both the conventions happening at the beginning of September and the election only a few months away. The campaign has one more thing to offer, also, which is a contest giving away a trip to New York City to come to the comedy Central Indecision 2012 Election Night Party in November. Not too shabby.

What do you think of Indecision 2012? While you're deciding, watch this clip of Jon Stewart and Cindy Crawford having a girls day on House Of Style!


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