These Are A Few Preston Chaunsumlit Of 'Model Files'' Favorite Things

Preston Chaunsumlit of Model Files.
Photo: Jonathan Walter

I have a fashion-y feeling that Preston Chaunsumlit is one of a handful of human beings who could make Anna Wintour crack a genuine smile. FYI: Preston is the hottie host of V Files' faint-inducing hiiiigh-larious series, Model Files. Highlights include Preston's high fashion version of Toddlers in Tiaras via baby street-casting ("Do you think she could lose maybe like a few ounces by Friday?") and, my new favorite sport, model yoga ("it's like, model fight club"), in which the instructor's advice includes "lift like your tallest high-heel you've ever worn", "find your couture!" and, duh, smizeing. I really just CANNOT with Preston's uber dry sense of humor (AKA subtle sass). And I kind of really wanna get my fingers lost in his sea of raven-black/sometimes-lavender silky locks. *Swoon* As expected, Preston's fave fashion-y things are chic, unique and very funny. (see: an affinity for Biore strips/Chinese immigrants and vintage Scott Baio as style icons). Warning: somes responses might be not so safe for tweens. (#NSFT) Someone get this guy a Fashion’s Night Out stand-up gig, ASAP. (Can you even imagine?) Anyway, big fashion ups for lightening up our pre-Fashion Week caffeinated jitters, Preston. Now back to my Monday morning Model Files marathon K-hole…*J’DEAD*

Statement Piece: A cold drink and a cigarette while wearing good shoes.

Karaoke Jam: Lately it’s Julio Iglesias in French.

Tattoo: Can we change the subject?

Shoes: I’ve always had a weakness for socks with sandals.

Well, then... favorite socks: I like a nice wool sock in good colors. Chunky and thick -- texture is always nice. No stripes, patterns or silly logos. Toe socks and Tabi socks. And I prefer my pairs to always match.

Magazines: Lately, Gentlewoman, Lapham's Quarterly... but for the most part, magazines are bad for your health.

eBay Purchase: No. I like to try stuff on first, and I like to be serviced.

Hair Product: Hairspray... the cheap stuff.

Preston's Manic Panic purple hair.
Photo: Courtesy of Preston Chaunsumlit

Hair-dye: Manic Panic. It's vegan.

Hangover Remedy: Pop a painkiller before bed. Chug a gallon of water when you wake up until you get sick. If you puke, you’re gold. If you don't, less messy. You will be gold in 10 minutes.

Sunglasses: No. I like people to know I am staring at them. Also, a glaring squint in the sun can be mistaken for hot and mysterious.

Concert T-Shirt: Overpriced at any concert you go to... as a consolation for having a shitty seat with sweaty, smelly strangers perhaps? And then do some free advertising by wearing it?

Sorry. I’m not in the band and I am no one's groupie.

Preston's style icon Scott Baio.
Photo: Courtesy of Preston Chaunsumlit

Style Icon: Chinese immigrants. Vintage Scott Baio,James Spader, and Jodie Foster. Mowgli.

Cologne: Au naturale.

Underwear: Sometimes. Nothing with a seam down the middle.

Fashion in a Music Video: George Michael’s “Freedom 90” was enough fashion for any music video. For any video at that.

Fashion Era: 80's preppy douchebaggery. Cocaine Halston. Turn of the Century Colonialism.

Preston using a Biore face strip with a friend.
Photo: Courtesy of Preston Chaunsumlit

Face Products: Tap water and Biore face strips.

Magazine Cover of All Time: Every cover of 70's erotic fashion magazine VIVA.

Trends: Trends will come. Will go. Just do you. And if you're any good at being you, then you set the trends.

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