5 Ways To Step Up Your Fall Nail Game (No Skills Required)

If you like nail art but don't have the time/skills/creativity to dream up mini designs for your fingertips, look no further! We rounded up the hottest (and easiest) nail products that'll spice up your mundane mani in seconds flat. From fuzzy fingers to fruit-scented digits to 18K gold polish, you'll be sure to turn heads with a fresh nail game JUST in time for fall.


Velvet Manicure

Ciaté's Velvet Manicure.
Photo: Sephora

Just when we thought the caviar manicure was the ultimate mind-blowing 3D nail art, Ciaté released another texturizing nail kit for the fall—this time with flecks of fuzzy velvet! Ooooh. The kit includes a pot of polish with matching velvet powder, brush and tray ($19). The sets come in a burgundy "Berry Poncho," a navy "Blue Suede," and a gray "Mink Cashmere." To use, you just apply a few taps of the powder over freshly painted nails and TA-DA! You'll have the coziest (and chicest!) tips in town.


18K Gold Manicure

Sephora by OPI's 18K Gold Top Coat.
Photo: Sephora

Want your mani to look like a million bucks? Well, this is probablllyy your best bet. Sephora by OPI released a luxurious 18K gold top coat ($30) to put on ALL of your favorite fall shades. And, like, when we say gold, we mean actual flakes of the shiny stuff. Yeahhhh. This clear and classy top coat is an easy way to update any manicure with a hint of glamor, but it doesn't come cheap—and it shouldn't!


Rubber Nail Polish

Illamasqua's Rubber Finish Nail Varnish.
Photo: Sephora

We love how this season's nail trends are all about texture, so when we heard about Illamasqua's new rubber finish nail polish ($14), we were immediately sold. Their line of bold shades dry with a waxy, rubber-like matte finish that's totally chip resistant. Our ONLY complaint is that the neon green shade isn't called Flubber. *prays that our movie reference isn't too out of date*


Fishnet Magnetic Polish

Nails Inc. London's Fishnet Magnetic Polish.
Photo: Sephora

Sure, sure, we've seen all the cool stuff that magnetic nail polish can do, but these days Nails Inc. London is stepping up the awesome factor by creating a new kind of magnetic varnish—one with a fishnet design ($16)! Yussss. In case you're not familiar with how these bad boys work, basically you paint your nails as usual, but on your second coat you take the cap of the bottle (which has a magnet inside) and hover it over your wet polish until it creates the design on your fingertips right before your eyes. MAGIC.


Scented Nail Polish

Sephora by OPI's Scentsational Six Fruit-Scented Nail Lacquers.
Photo: Sephora

We know scented nail polish isn't anything new, but we LOVE this Sephora by OPI set of six (yes, six) fruit-scented varnishes ($24.50). The super fun colors come in these fragrant smells: mango, tutti fruitti, cherry, citrus, blueberry, and watermelon, so you can add a touch of brightness to your tips as well as a hint of yummy scents. Like, can you even IMAGINE what would happen if you painted each finger a different color? Nom nom nom. We'd probably just be hungry all day.

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