Lady Gaga Goes 'Louis Vuitton' Brown

Lady Gaga Brunette Hair

Lady Gaga's fresh brunette 'do on the left and blonde hair on the right.
Photo: Via @TheKillerQueen_'s Twitter/Getty Images

If there's one way we like to start our Monday mornings, it's with BREAKING HAIR NEWS. Lady Gaga just announced via Twitter that she is officially a brunette. Eeeee! Mother Monster stopped by Amsterdam during her Born This Way Ball tour, and thanks to fans posing for pics alongside Gaga (above), we totally have photographic evidence of her freshly dyed 'do! Lady Gaga said of her new look, "Definitely feeling less blond lately and little more progressive brunette. I am LOUIS VUITTON BROWN. B**** THATS LV." This is HUGE for Lady Gaga because she hasn't been brunette since her early days when she still went by Stefani Germanotta, and, um, we have footage of her from 2005 to prove it. NBD.

Lady Gaga Brunette Hair

Lady Gaga dying her hair brown.
Photo: Via Lady Gaga's Little Monsters page

But just when you think Mother Monster has gone back to her roots (heh), she still surprised us. Lady Gaga posted a pic of her mid-dye, and we noticed a little section of her hair was clipped off to the side. Before we even had a moment to think about it, Gaga explained via Twitter "I'm gonna leave one streak of bad by my left ear. Lady when its down, and Gaga when its up. Could we belong together?" Ahhhh, makes TOTAL sense. What do you think of Lady Gaga's new 'do—Is she better as a blonde or brunette? Tell us in the comments below!

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