Ryan Lochte Talks Olympic Grills, Pink Speedo Design On 'The Tonight Show'

Ryan Lochte, Jay Leno

Ryan Lochte talks Speedo on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."
Photo: Getty Images

Move over Gosling, there's a new Ryan in town: Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte. Okay, maybe that was a little premature, since we're not actually ready to replace the Gos (pretty sure we'll never be), but the induction of Lochte into a league of same-named heartthrob-juggernauts is undeniable. (Check out all the memes he spawned!) Suffice it to say we were preeetty excited to see Lochte's appearance on last night's episode of "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno". How many times would he say "JEAH!"? Would he make a comment about those infamous grills? What would the burgeoning style star WEAR and would it involve a bare chest? *sops up drool from keyboard* We now have the answers to these questions.

Ryan Lochte sealed his infamous fate by stepping up to the podium to receive his gold medal in the 400 meter individual medley wearing a set of American flag grills designed by rapper/jeweler Paul Wall. Ryan acknowledged the controversy that almost cost him his medal but shed some insight on how he was able to finagle their Olympic debut. "I was like, 'Aren't I representing my country?'" Lochte told Jay on Thursday, "The grills are American flag. Why not?" An argument to which we like to imagine the Olympics officials replied with a "Touché," a tip of the hat, and gestured him toward the podium. But probably not.

Ryan Lochte, Jay Leno

A close-up look at Ryan Lochte's pink Speedo design.
Photo: Courtesy of NBC

Lochte has a storied relationship with the swimwear giant Speedo, anchored by his limited edition footwear collection. Of course, he's also been known to sport some of the brighter briefs in the pool. I mean, HELLO. But little did we know, that hot pink, purple star-spangled number we'd seen him wear over a YEAR ago was one of his own designs! Oh, Ryan. Always full of surprises. Now that the Olympics are wrapped for the time being, Lochte can shamelessly promote and sell his eclectic range of style essentials including the MANY pairs (seriously, like, close to 20 different kinds) of novelty glasses posted up on RyanLochte.com. Get your fill of the swimming stud in the full Leno interview below!


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