Lana Del Rey's H&M Campaign Images Revealed!

Lana strikes a somber pose in killer velvet heels.
Photo: Courtesy of H&M

Last month, we confirmed that Lana Del Rey was indeed going to be the new face of H&M, and now the brand has made the full campaign--or the images at least--available for all of us to feast our eyes upon. The holiday campaign shows a sumptuously styled Lana posing against a stark grey background with rich maroons, velvet, and cream accents making her look like a cozy beacon in a chilly storm. Isn't that exactly what fall fashion should be: a relief from the encroaching cold? We love it. Now, where's our e-commerce at, H&M? Just asking. We also got a little bit more info on the long-form video portion of the ad, which features Lana singing "Blue Velvet." The piece, which will be available in its full-length form on H&M's website on September 19th, will also be edited to be used in television commercials.

Lana is New Year's ready in silver.
Photo: Courtesy of H&M

Yes, yes, Lana's hair is still high, but we already knew that from the original image that was revealed with the announcement that she would front the campaign. What we're really drooling over in this spread are the velvet pumps. Paired with color-splashed pants and a creamy, cap sleeved peplum top, the deep red velvet heels are almost too luxurious. What kind of weather can you wear velvet shoes in? What happens if it gets dirty? Whatever, man, we're having New Years Eve fantasies triggered by these shoes, and, yes, we know, it's still August.

Sparkly accessories only add to an already luxe collection.
Photo: Courtesy of H&M

Indeed, there's a festive vibe to all of Lana's looks, which yes, makes sense because it's a holiday collection, but these pieces are really all the best things about the chilly months, and they're making us get excited for the day that we retire our short shorts and drag our scarves out of hiding.

What do you think of Lana Del Rey's H&M campaign images?

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