Nasty Gal To Launch Debut Collection

Nasty Gal

Anja Konstantinova models for Nasty Gal's August lookbook.
Photo: Courtesy of Nasty Gal

Apparently Nasty Gal is going to be at Fashion Week this season. No, we don't just mean on all the street style shutterbug candy. According to a new sweepstakes announcement from the brand, it looks like Iggy Azalea and Katie Holmes won't be the only fashionistas making their New York Fashion Week debuts this September. In just five years, the online retailer which began as an exclusively vintage eBay boutique expanded to the international success we know it to be today. Now, it seems the Nasty brand is growing from a hub of curated designs by others and brancing out into their own designs, launching their first collection just in time for NYFW.

We don't have much more information than that, but you better believe we'll have our eyes (and credit cards) glued to this story, as NG is a favorite of the ladies here at MTV Style. Sure, we rib on some of the wackier items spotted on their internet-shelves, but that's only because we spend an insurmountable amount of time trolling their e-racks for the latest togs (exhibit A, B, and C). We can't wait to watch this unfold! How 'bout you?

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