Nail Artist Fleury Rose Named Illamasqua's US Nail Ambassador

Fleury Rose (whose nails are visible on the left) painted Iggy Azalea's Fran Drescher-inspired paws for our 'Nailed It' series.
Photo: MTV

We love it when we see nail artists getting their due, which is why we smiled wide when we heard that Fleury Rose, one of our fave polish magicians, has been named the U.S. Nail Ambassador for British polish company Illamasqua! First of all "U.S. Nail Ambassador" is a pretty badass title, we have to say, but well deserved--Fleury paints incredible masterpieces on tiny canvases, and even uses a real paintbrush to apply the lacquer to her clients' nails. So what does her new post entail, exactly? Rose will serve as the face of the brand in all of their U.S. marketing initiatives, and will also work with them to develop new polishes and nail art designs. It's a match made in heaven, in our humble opinion. Rose uses many Illamasqua products in her designs already, and so she has a more intimate knowledge of the brand than we would guess many spokespeople do.

Most recently, Fleury Rose joined us at her salon, Tomahawk, in Brooklyn to paint some amazing nails on Iggy Azalea, inspired by "The Nanny." In the video, which you can watch below, she talks about how she got into nail art because her professors in art school were always telling her to "paint bigger" when really she just wanted to paint as small as possible. So rad. Illamasqua, which is sold at Sephora and JC Penny, is lucky to have her as their spokeswoman. Oh, er, sorry, their Nail Ambassador (we just love that).


MTV Style | Nailed It with Iggy Azalea and Fleury Rose

What do you think of Fleury Rose as the new Illamasqua Nail Ambassador?

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