Would You Wear Temporary Forehead Tattoos?

Boho Rock

Boho Rock temporary body tattoos.
Photo: Courtesy of Nail Rock

Okay, so technically these Boho Rocks are "face and body" tattoos. We concede that in the model shot for the flower version, they illustrate an example of the tiny strip tatts being used as faux bracelets, but let's be real. With a name like "Boho Rock," these were clearly made with the intention of providing an alternative to the skinny headbands worn bohemian-style across the forehead. It's a decent idea since many ladies cite that their aversion to the dome pieces are the way they flatten hair or make weird crease marks. The Boho Rock tatts get you a similar look without all the fuss. But, like, guys... This is a forehead tattoo. If you squint your eyes really hard, yea, it kinda looks like a headband, but at the end of the day, you're temporarily joining the leagues of these forehead-tattooed brethren. *sucks teeth in second-hand embarrassment*

We realize that face tattoos are nothing new. We've seen 'em on celebrities for years from Lil' Wayne to Rick Ross. We've seen them as far (if not farther) back as the 18th century via the indigenous Maori people of New Zealand. We've seen them grow in popularity with young ladies like this hardcore Gucci Mane fan or this sweet Belgian woman (Look, Ma! She has stars on her face, too!!!). Does that mean we're ready for these? *shrugs* Maybe. The people at Nail Rock seem to think so.

To be fair, Nail Rock makes some phenomenal other products: fantastic nail wraps, lip foils which rival the ever-popular Violent Lips, and some very novel stick-on eyeliner options for which our friends at Refinery 29 have given their stamp of approval. We just don't know if we're ready to have tiny stars and flowers plastered across our foreheads. Even if they're temporary. But at least they're less painful, expensive, and regrettable than the real thing? What do you think, would you wear temporary forehead tattoos?

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