Azealia Banks Leaves The Internet Speechless With 'Dazed & Confused' Cover

Azealia Banks in a Balmain jacket and Beyond Retro Hoodie.
Photo: Dazed & Confused/Sharif Hamza

It was the gasp heard round the internet last week, when word started to spread that Azealia Banks' Dazed & Confused cover was going to be banned in seven countries. Seven! That's just madness. More mad than that, even, was the fact that when all this hullabaloo was going on hardly anyone, besides the people at Dazed themselves, had actually even seem the cover. Needless to say, our minds began to wander, and with the little bit of information that we had (pink phallice, "held up like a cigar"), we were left without too many words besides, "I wonder when we'll see it." Not to say that we're easily scandalized, or at all precious with our lady rap stars. Indeed, Azealia has a tendency towards evocative, sexualized lyrics, so it's only appropriate that she would carry over her performance persona into her press presence. When the cover was finally revealed, lurid, fuchsia condom "cigar" and all, we have to say we kind of dug it. Sure, it's a little bit, um, squirm inducing and we probably wouldn't want to read it around our grandma (we already saw Black Swan with her and that was awk enough for our whole lives, thanks), but Azealia looks totally mermaid-ilicious in a Balmain vest and seapunk-seafoam locks that we can't stop staring at.

Azealia Banks in Lanvin.
Photo: Dazed & Confused/Sharif Hamza

The fashion goodness continues with the interior spread. Shot on a set dressed to look like a teenage Azealia-fanatic's bedroom, with clippings of what have to be all of AZ's gazillion magazine spreads (seriously she is all over the place) arranged artfully over a white princess bed. Within the spread, Azealia's hair is on full display, in all it's prismatic glory. Her matching eye look reminds us of the inside of a seashell, and we're really tempted to go DIY beauty school on our lids tonight to try and recreate the look. Azealia's Lanvin/ leather jacket is the kind of classic, lux leather that could make it a (super fancy) wardrobe staple, but is still simple enough to let the rapper's beauty take center stage. Her nails, which were done by Honey at Exposure NY, are done with Chanel polish (we're thinking that it's maybe a Peridot base coat) with green and teal jewels. We love that the shoot didn't go over the top seapunk or mermaid, but rather stayed true to the artist's watery tendencies in the hair and makeup, and the occasional, strategically placed shell throughout.

Azealia Banks in Chanel, bracelet by Cartier.
Photo:Dazed & Confused/Sharif Hamza

The rest of the shoot features clothes from Chanel, including this bonkers bodysuit, Givency, Haider Ackerman, Cartier, and a selection of Azealia's own accessories and items.

What do you think of Azealia Banks' Dazed & Confused spread?

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