New Website Lets You Swap Out Your Wardrobe For $49 A Month

Le Tote.
Photo: Le Tote Facebook

Fact: we're all guilty of complaining about having nothing to wear. Usually this leads to impulse shopping, cheap thrills, and a closet overstocked with outfits we only wear once. But now a new website is here to help...with a solution that DOESN'T involve hitting up the closest Forever 21. Instead, Le Tote takes the same monthly online subscription concept of Birchbox, ShoeMint, and even Netflix- and applies it to your wardrobe. Here's the breakdown: you fill out a "style profile" online, the site's in-house stylists will choose three clothing items and two accessories, and they'll ship them to you in the mail.

Just like Netflix, there's no late fees if you want to keep your clothing for more than a month. But because you don't choose the pieces yourself, you're never quite sure what'll come next. According to Le Tote's founders, they don't stock designer items or even knockoffs; instead, they have their own Le Tote label that sources from Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. Think of it as a well-curated version of raiding your sister's or best friend's closet...but with a monthly fee and surprise result, it's a whole new kind of fashion risk.

Are you willing to give Le Tote a shot? Let us know!

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