Lady Gaga Advocates Manicures In 'V' Magazine

Lady Gaga, V Magazine

Lady Gaga writes on the benefits of manicure in latest "V" magazine column.
Photo: Courtesy of "V" Magazine

Paws up, ladies! Lady Gaga is back at the writing desk for V Magazine and contributing pearls (and rhinestones and glitterbombs) of wisdom for her guest column. The latest hot topic for Gaga Memo No. 7? The genuine importance of manicures. It makes sense. If your hallmark gesticulation has you and your fans flashing your tips at all hours of the day, y'all better make sure your nail beds don't suck (sorry, Karen Smith!). At MTV Style, we always have our eyes glued to the growing nail art landscape, but Mother Monster makes some solid points about the health and maintenance virtues that go hand-in-hand with regular manicures.

She cites the distinct abilities fresh manicures have to bring up your mood and "project an image of success" which might seem like no-brainers, but our fave bullet is a little less obvious. That bullet is #4, the one that reads, in Gaga-stipulated all caps, "IT FORCES YOU TO SEE THE IMPORTANCE OF MAKING TIME FOR YOURSELF." We live in a very busy world. There's a lot demanded of you at any given moment. But carving out a little "ME" time is definitely an important priority to a happy, healthy world, and we salute Gagaloo for promoting the ideal. Among Gaga's suggested mani go-tos are a gem-crusted ring finger, deadly points, and a mind-bogglingly AWESOME red leather number, that will surely haunt our daydreams for weeks.

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