Robert Pattinson Wears Gucci, Talks Spanx On ‘The Daily Show’

Robert Pattinson wears Gucci and talks Spanx on “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart”.
Photo: Courtesy of Comedy Central

Robert Pattinson’s visit to The Daily Show yesterday marked the Twilight actor’s first television appearance since July’s Teen Choice Awards (and since Kristen Stewart admitted to and publicly apologized for the US Weekly release/break-up scandal heard ’round the world). Forget for a second that he’s a GIGANTIC international superstar and think about this in terms of just human beings.

As with any human’s first outing after a bad break-up (you know, after you’ve gotten the whole sobbing yourself to sleep on the couch watching late night infomercials, not showering for several days THING out of your system), there’s a lot of (usually self-induced) pressure to look reeeeeeally really ridiculously good for your return to the outside world. Most people make this debut at work or school. Celebrities do it in front of a nationally televised audience (or you know, the occasional, slightly more private shoot for an upcoming ad campaign). In our humble opinion, R.Pattz knocks the “Beginning of a New Chapter” look out of the park.

Robert Pattinson wears Gucci and talks Spanx on “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart”.
Photo: Courtesy of Comedy Central

For one, his grooming is SPOT-ON – a bit scruffy so as to hint at a lingering sadness but polished enough to still be totally jeal-inducing. But also, Pattinson, as he is wont to do, wore a tricked-out Gucci suit. For his first time back in the public eye, he stopped by Jon Stewart’s desk to promote the theater release of his non-Twilight movie Cosmopolis and made a deliciously unique sartorial choice: a pale blue suit paired with a crisp navy button-up and matching skinny tie. He’s a living, breathing, walking example for autumn’s tonal trend done right. Also, we can’t help but notice–or rather, unabashedly place arbitrary meaning on–the fact that blue is also the color Robert and Kristen used at the base of their matching Teen Choice Awards outfits AND the color Katy Perry dyed her hair after her split from Russell Brand #rumormongering.

While Rob doesn’t speak on K.Stew directly during the interview (what a classy dude, *swoooon*), Jon takes the reigns in the conversation, whipping out two pints of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream without comment. Before ever delving into the Cronenberg film, the two lament a bit over the almost-completely melted ice cream. Pattinson jokes, “I’m trying to avoid eating this because I’m gonna split my Spanx,” sending Jon into a giggle fit saying, “I love the idea that you’ve got Spanx on.” Rob keeps the joke going adding, “I do; I’m double-Spanked” while motioning to his no doubt custom-fit Gucci togs.

Pattinson’s spirits are high through the entire chat, but Jon offers up some man-to-man relaysh (that’s short for relationship) advice, just in case. Taking a bite of his Cherry Garcia, Jon tells Rob, “The last time I had a bad break-up, Ben and Jerry got me through some of the tougher times, so I thought you and I could bond over this and talk about… ’Boy, you are better off. Kick her to the curb. Whatever!'” in a voice that’s obviously not meant to be taken seriously. GAH! They’re both. so. ADORABLE. And well-tailored. See for yourself in the full clip below!


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