Lady Gaga's Dramatic New Film Clip For Fame Fragrance

Lady Gaga in the dramatic new Fame video.
Photo: Haus Laboratories

Bringing to life the images from her Fame print campaign, the new film clip for Lady Gaga's black eau de parfum, Fame, bridges the austere, art-house quality of the previous short film, Formulation, with the high gloss, high fashion images in the print campaign. Remember that shot of the naked Gaga, laying like a lady giant being consumed by a hoard of tiny, ink-black figures? In the new clip you can see it in motion, for a split second (although blink and you'll miss it, there's so much going on). Directed by Steven Klein and produced by Ridley Scott and associates, the new film looks like it was shot on the set of a science fiction film, all metallic curves and back lighting. We're also super into the split second of Gaga, climbing out of a vat of thick, black liquid with a peach-colored bob. If this is what fame looks like, though, we have to say we're happy with our little lives. It's a scary, glamorous world Mama Monster has created. We totally do want to cop a bottle of the stuff, though, and are super jealous of the 1800 little monsters who allegedly got their paws on it in Tokyo.

The perfume is set to hit stores in the fall, and with each ad, we wonder what the fragrance is going to smell like. "The black soul of fame" doesn't really tell us much, but we're guessing it's going to be heady, rich, and just a little weird. Watch the trailer here:

What do you think of Lady Gaga's new perfume ad?

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