The Best Back-To-School Nail Art

We hope you've been perfecting your nail art skills all summer long because, um, school starts next week. *horror movie scream* Obvi we want you to head back to class looking your ABSOLUTE best, so we rounded up some super school-appropriate designs that'll totally make you the coolest gal in your grade. No matter how skilled (or not!) you are at nail art, we have a plethora of options at every level of difficulty. We know you weren't expecting a homework assignment THIS early, but we've got one for you: Pick a design below, test it out, and let us know how it goes! (Extra credit for posting a pic.) Annnddd go!

Back To School Nail Art

Photo: Via Freestyle Nails

Listen, there's nothing wrong with liking your reading assignments. It's cool to be a bookworm, and the gal behind Freestyle Nails found a way to make it stylish too! She painted a green and yellow worm across her tips and completed the look with a polka dot bow tie (aw!), glasses and a hat. For her thumb, she painted a book because, well, duh! It's a bookworm, guys.

Back To School Nail Art

Photo: Via Pretty Polishes

This MAY be the coolest idea ever—transforming your tips into pencil erasers! It's super simple if you have these three colors handy and totally on point. Rachel over at Pretty Polishes even posted a tutorial so now you REALLY have no excuse for not lookin' sharp this school year. (Yes, we are very aware that the puns are out of control in this paragraph.)

Back To School Nail Art

Photo: Via Linda's Nail Art

If you like doodling in your notebook, why not also doodle on your nails? Over on Linda's Nail Art blog, she painted faint blue lines to recreate lined paper and then used a washable (!!!) nail art pen to doodle whatever she wanted on top. Talk about a sweet cheat sheet!

Back To School Nail Art

Photo: Via AstroWifey

If you want to mix it up a little more, take a cue from AstroWifey's Ashley Crowe. She combined a composition notebook on her thumb with a ruler, notebook paper, Miu Miu-inspired apples, and gold stars on the pinkies. Well, we certainly know what grade we'd give this mani: A+!

Back To School Nail Art

Photo: Via Nail Art Gallery

Math class is where it's AT. Calculators, protractors and rulers, well, rule, so of course we immediately fell in love with this nail design. The best part is that it's super easy AND comes with a video tutorial. Don't say we didn't ever help you!


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