Adam Lambert Shows Off Huge New Tattoo On Twitter


Adam Lambert's impressive new ink.
Photo: Adam Lambert's Twitter

First a shocking white blonde 'do, and now a brand new, enormous tattoo? What's gotten into Adam Lambert lately, we wonder? Not that he's a newcomer to the daring style game--he's been on our radar forever, and not just because of his willingness to wear leather in the heat of the summer. He's always kept it consistent when it counts, however, and then known when to switch it up. His trademark jet black hair was relatively easy to let go of when we saw how radiant he looked with his new bleach blonde mane, but this new tattoo? We have to say we would like to see it paired with an outfit, rather than just in closeup tattoo-shop-relief. The text, which is latin, reads, "Musica Delenit Bestiam Feram," which translates to, "Music Soothes the Savage Beast." A nice, and appropriate, sentiment coming from the singer, we think.

The thing we really can't stop thinking about, though, is how much the tattoo must've hurt! It's not Glambert's first ink, though, so we assume he was ready for it.

What do you think of Adam Lambert's new tattoo?

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