These Are A Few Of My Name Is Kay's Favorite Things

My Name Is Kay.
Photo: Liz Rosa

There's something about Canadian crooner My Name Is Kay. First of all, Cobrastarship's "#1Nite" featuring Kay's Robyn-esque soaring pipes is my personal fave booty-bounce-inducing summer anthem (sorry, Carly). And I'm not just totally biased because I may or may not have a worrisome boy crush on Cobra's foxy frontman, Gabe Saporta, specifically after an afternoon tour of his bachelor pad for a past Favorite Things… (!!!!) Kay, back to Kay: Homegirl's style game makes us happy cry/sartorial shiver. She sort of gives us '90s LA raver, but not as hot messy as, say, a tequila-drenched Ke$ha. Proof: Kay's perfectly-polished nails. Pastel color-blocking, you guys. *DEAD* Thus, I suggest taking a meditation moment before diving into a euphoric Kay-hole via this week’s fierce n' fashion-y favorite thangs. You’re welcome.

Statement Piece: My moustache and my Rick Ross beard.

eBay Purchase: What's eBay?

Karaoke Song: I do a killer "I'm A Slave 4 You".

Perfume: Hot Couture by Givenchy.

My Name Is Kay's nails.
Photo: Courtesy of My Name Is Kay

Nail Polish: I'm really into Naylene right now. Great pastels.

My Name Is Kay's guilty pleasure.
Photo: Courtesy of My Name Is Kay

Guilty Pleasure: Hip-hop Abs and Bachelor Jeff.

My Name Is Kay's Joe Fresh Lipstick.
Photo: Courtesy Of My Name Is Kay

Lipstick/Gloss: Joe Fresh Lipsticks.

Concert T-Shirt: M.I.A.’s "How Many" tee.

Album Cover Art: Kylie Mongue’s ‘Fever’

Designers: Laina Rauma

iPhone Application: Yelp.

Style Icon: Chloe Sevigny.

Moisturizer: Cetaphil Dermacontrol Moisturizer SPF 30.

Purse: My knap sack.

Fashion in a Music Video: Gwen Stefani in "It’s My Life."

My Name Is Kay's House Of Holland x Superga's.
Photo: Courtesy Of My Name Is Kay

Shoes: I like the occasional heel, but I'm a little obsessed with House of Holland x Superga Platform Polka-Dot Sneakers.

Concert Of All Time: Jonte at Mustache Mondays in downtown LA.

My Name Is Kay with her Got2b coif.
Photo: Courtesy Of My Name Is Kay

Hair Product: Got2b pomade.