Miley Cyrus Gets A Blonde Pixie Cut!

Miley Cyrus shows off her short hairstyle.
Photo: Miley Cyrus Twitter

They were the scissor snips heard 'round the world last night, when Miley Cyrus bravely decided to ditch her signature topknot for a platinum pixie cut. Yes, really. After tweeting some crypic messages throughout the day, Miley finally blasted out a photo midway through the Olympics Closing Ceremony of the "after" look. Her new blonde choppy 'do reminds us a bit of Rihanna's cropped hairstyle crossed with Agyness Deyn's edgy pixie, and we're giving major props to Miley for taking the plunge. Although it takes a LOT for most people to part with their hair, Miley took the huge change in stride- even posing for a "before" shot with her hairstylist Chris McMillan (with the caption "Good bye bun. Stay tuned"). Eeeeek!

Miley Cyrus.
Photo: Miley Cyrus Twitter

Miley clearly loves her new look, saying "Never felt more me in my whole life" and also "Someone just told me I'm prettier than Miley Cyrus." We love her easygoing attitude about such a big beauty change, but the Twitterverse is having a harder time getting used to the look. The reactions have been mixed, with some fans saying it's too "different" or "boyish," but the superstar doesn't care- the dramatic look has been a LONG time coming. Want proof? Just check out this video from 2008, where the then-15-year-old said "One day I'm going to cut my hair like Twiggy- I know I am." She totally called it, and now the day has finally come! No word yet on whether she's planning on sporting the pixie at her upcoming wedding, but we can't WAIT to find out.

What do you think of Miley's new short hairstyle?!

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