Our New Favorite Tumblr Turns Socks Into Album Covers

Kanye West's '80s and Heartbreak' created from socks (left) and the original album cover.
Photo: Famous Sock Covers Tumblr / Amazon

There are some seriously ridiculous Tumblrs in the black hole of the blogosphere, but our latest discovery just might take the weird/crazy/cool prize of them all- at least for this week. Behold, "Famous Album Covers Recreated With My Socks." Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like... and yes, it's kind of amazing. Inspired by iconic album art from over the years from musicians like Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones, and Pearl Jam, the brains behind the site have crafted their own version using.... the contents of their sock drawers.

Some of the examples, like The Strokes' hilariously re-imagined image for The Strokes' 2001 disc Is This It, look similar to the original only if you squint really hard. But others, like Kanye West's 80s and Heartbreak, are seriously SPOT ON. Hey, it might not tell you how to dress like Selena Gomez or generate your own hip-hop nickname, but that's okay. Check out "Famous Album Covers Recreated With My Socks" and get ready to look at your CD stack- and your pile of dirty laundry- in a whole new way.

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