Rick Ross, Coco Rocha, And More Like Funny Fashion On The Fancy

If you follow Kanye West on Twitter, you've probably heard of The Fancy. Not because he's updated his verified account on the Pinterest competitor (*ACHEM* still blank as of August 9, 2012), but because he's promoted it not once but twice to his 8,252,169 followers and hinted at his involvement with the tech start-up. We have no idea how likely or unlikely it may be that you've heard of the website since we live and breath internet vapor, but we'll give you a little run-down anyway. The Fancy combines the visual collaging made popular by Pinterest and Tumblr with the shoppability of Svpply and packages it all together in a winning (and lucrative!) combination that has reportedly piqued Apple's interest. More importantly to us, though, we get to full-on culture vulture on the wish lists of our favorite music and fashion icons via verified celebrity accounts! Along with the pricey cars and high-end wardrobe staples, some of these celebs are fancying some really funny stuff (which we're sure were all meant in jest). To follow are just a few of our findings. Enjoy!


Rick Ross fancied this Louis Vuitton Jason Mask.
Photo: Getty/The Fancy

Equal parts fabulous and terrifying, rapper Rick Ross fancied this Louis Vuitton leather Jason mask.


Coco Rocha fancied these Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow frames.
Photo: Getty Images/The Fancy

Model Coco Rocha is world famous for giving great face, yet she's liked this set Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow hand frames which give the illusion of shielding her eyes with her hands but leave her with room to carry a phone and a latte.


Nas fancied this Robocop kid costume.
Photo: Getty Images/The Fancy

Nas likes a lot of serious things on The Fancy, but we really appreciate his love for this kids' Robocop costume because it's nostalgic in a HOST of adorable ways.


Ashton Kutcher fancied these keyboard pants.
Photo: Getty Images/The Fancy

These keyboard pants look straight out of one of our weekly "Would You Wear...?" posts, but they were actually fancied by actor and tech early-adopter Ashton Kutcher.


Nicola Formichetti fancied this Superman deluxe dog costume.
Photo: Getty Images/The Fancy

When Nicola Formichetti isn't styling Lady Gaga and Azealia Banks in latex and mesh, he's fancying fluffy dogs in deluxe Superman costumes. AWWW!


Bar Rafaeli fancied this self-inflating sumo suit.
Photo: Getty Images/The Fancy

Bar Rafaeli is one of the hottest models in the game, but she really shows her sillier side via The Fancy. There was a lot of good material to choose from (like these goldfish trash bags or the many message doormats), but we really appreciate (also, want for ourselves) this self-inflating sumo suit.

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