Katy Perry Is Simply Stunning In Her Latest GHD Campaign Photos

Katy Perry for GHD.
Photo: GHD/Ellen Von Unwerth

Three things we're obsessed with: Katy Perry, Ellen Von Unwerth, and finding the perfect flat iron. All three in one place? Dreamy. We've always loved Katy Perry's campaign shots for hair tools giant ghd (which we've HEARD makes the best flat irons in all the land), which have previously been shot by the great David LaChappelle, but we have to say, this latest Ellen Von Unwerth-shot edition is far and away our fave. In previous Chappelle shoots the looks were heavily stylized, from mermaids to styles throughout the eras, to the roaring 20's, and although they stopped us in our tracks with their uber-glam beauty, the graceful, simple look of Von Unwerth's pictures has us really focused on what we're all here for anyway: Katy and the hair. Von Unwerth shoots the typically colorful singer in black and white, styled with a clean cat eye and porcelain skin, and Johnny Wujek tones down the glitter in exchange for a simple silk in one image, and a crystal embellished crew neck dress in the other (he HAD to have some sparkle somewhere, honestly). The hair in both images is flawless. From a retro loose look, featuring blunt, thick above the eyebrow bangs and a subtle wave, to a sleek, low side-ponytail.

Katy Perry For GHD.
Photo: GHD/Ellen Von Unwerth

Photographer Von Unwerth not only has an eye for a beautiful shot, but also a knack for getting beautiful pop stars to come out of their shells. Not that Katy is a stranger to a smile (at least not as much as fellow Von Unwerth subject Lana Del Rey), but her chess playing smirk seems genuine, and like she was really caught in the middle of a moment of carefree fun. We just wish there was a clearer shot of her nails, which the brand's website credits as being done by Katy's go-to nail artist Kimmie Kyees so we can only imagine they're amazing.

What do you think of Katy Perry's new GHD campaign photos?

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