Lana Del Rey Smiles Wide In 'Vogue Italia'

Lana Del Rey smiles wide.
Photo: Vogue Italia/Ellen Von Unwerth

By now we're quite used to sad Lana Del Rey, sultry Lana Del Rey, and mysterious Lana Del Rey. Smiley Lana Del Rey, however, is a version we haven't seen quite as often, in editorials at least. The retro-cool singer usually sticks to pouty, scorned lover poses when she's under the high-fashion lens, but in her new editorial for Vogue Italia, shot by the legendary Ellen Von Unwerth, Lana takes up all of her usual poses while also cracking one of the sweetest smiles we've seen on the pop star yet. Yes, she still has her big hair, although it's been taken down a notch, and is clad in super luxe looks that are both pin-up sexy and classically glamorous, but there's a new quality to the character that Lana is playing in the photos.

Whats better than a beautiful girl and a smile? A beautiful girl and a cat.
Photo: Vogue Italia/Ellen Von Unwerth

In the accompanying article, Del Rey talks about the media response she has received since her star started to rise not very long ago. The singer, showing true grace that is totally admirable. "I don't feel any pressure from the media," Del Rey says, adding, "all that could be said, has been said." We would have to agree with her sentiment, and see nothing but good things from the Born To Die singer, who will be releasing a deluxe version of her debut album (as Lana Del Rey) in November of this year. The re-release will feature seven new songs, which Del Rey says, "kind of put a period on the statement I was finishing when I was making the record." Check out the rest of the photos at Vogue Italia and watch a behind the scenes video!

What do you think of Lana Del Rey's Vogue Italia look?

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