Azealia Banks Gets Grimes-Inspired Genie Hair

Azealia Banks, Grimes

Azealia Banks gets hairstyle inspired by Grimes "W" Magazine look.
Photo: Courtesy of @AzealiaBanks's Twitter/W Magazine

You really just have to love Azealia Banks. The cheeky lyrics, the trademark mischievous glint in her eye, the mermaid hair for days. Azealia is a bonafide style star in her own right with designers like Alexander Wang and Karl Lagerfeld posting her up as a new muse, flocking to have her front their campaigns or play a show at their homes, AND YET she's not too big to appreciate when other ladies wield exemplary style. We especially love it when AZ takes it far enough to emulate other girlies' steez like with this self-described genie hair the native Harlemite admits is inspired by another MTV Style darling: Grimes!

According to her Twitter feed, Azealia drew inspiration for this I Dream of Jeannie-meets-raver hairstyle from Grimes's June 2012 W magazine look. W styled the Canadian dream pop musician in an iridescent green crop top and with her hair pulled up in a glossy purple bun with shiny blonde bangs. Azealia's interpretation opts for a cascading ponytail of soft curls and brings the violet out front as streaks in her blunt bang. It's also worth noting that Banks takes the '90s raver inspiration to another level with that bejeweled bindi - adhering to the face jewelry trend we predict will blow up come fall/winter this year.

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