Adam Lambert Debuts New Blonde Hair!

What do you think of Adam Lambert's new hair color?.
Photo: Adam Lambert's Twitter

If there's anyone who knows how to shake up his look, it's Adam Lambert. We're talking beauty pro status here, people. There aren't many dudes who can pull off warm-weather leather, glittery three-piece suits, and carefully sculpted facial hair, so we give him major props for that. But even with his beauty ADD, we definitely weren't ever expecting him to swap his trademark black hair for a bleach blonde 'do. But guess what- the day has come (!!) as evidenced by the Twitpic he blasted out to the world yesterday.

Simply titled "*New 'Do" (pretty low-key for him, dontcha think?), the black and white photo showcases a side profile of the musician and his lighter color. Maybe it's the fact that he's keeping his original gravity-defying style and kept his eyebrow shade in tact, but if you ask us, the drastic change looks pretty, well, natural on him. Just after posting the picture, Adam Tweeted of the switcheroo, "You ask Why? Why not? Change is good." We totally agree! Now that we've gotten a sneak peek, we're going to keep refreshing our Twitter feed until he uploads color photos and we can REALLY see Adam in all his bleach blonde glory. In the meantime, though, tell us- what do you think of his new hair color?!

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