Spice Girls To Wear Giles Deacon For Olympics Closing Ceremony Performance?

Spice Girls might wear Giles Deacon for the Olympics Closing Ceremony.
Photo: Getty Images

Ever since we heard the Spice Girls would be performing at the Olympics Closing Ceremony a few weeks ago, we’ve been dusting off our red platform boots and practicing “Wannabe” in our bathroom mirror nonstop. Let’s just say we’re a WEE bit excited. The much-needed ’90s girl group reunion has everyone talking, but OUR biggest concern is what they are going to wear, obviously. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but we’re getting meggaaa strong vibes that something’s a-brewin’ on the designer front. Victoria Beckham tweeted that she had a morning fitting with British designer Giles Deacon last week, followed by another tweet with a bedazzled microphone saying, “Look what I found!!” I mean, we’re not highly-trained detectives or anything, but we’re PRETTY POSITIVE this means she getting fitted for an upcoming performance, which, um, can only be the Olympic Closing Ceremony.

Different looks from Giles Deacon’s collections throughout the years.
Photo: Getty Images

We are MAJORLY happy to hear this news (if it’s true!) because the Spice Girls will be outfitted by one of the most iconic British designers of today. OMG, we’re tearing up just thinking about it! If you’re not familiar with Giles’ designs, he manages to mix high-fashion couture with pop culture playfulness in a way that is impossible to replicate. And, yes, he made that RIDIC swan headpiece Anna Dello Russo wore last fall, but we love how his collections always seem to have a touch of humor and wit mixed in with his intricate ensembles. Guhhhh, could you imagine if he custom made all five Spice Girls’ outfits? We’d probably die. Like, ACTUALLY die. Guess we’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out!

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