Sophy Robson Shows Us How To Do Union Jack Nail Art In Just 6 Steps

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As you may (hopefully!) remember, last week we caught up with the lady behind all those killer Olympic nail designs, Ms. Sophy Robson, and she dished out allll the deets on what it’s like giving top athletes the most badass manis. We immediately fell in love with her nail designs but, um, we don’t live anywhere near London. In fact, the more we thought about it, there are tons of ladies who can’t even get their hands on a good nail artist in their area! So, we asked Sophy to explain step-by-step how to get an Olympic-themed manicure at home for all us stateside folks. Of course she wanted to do the Union Flag (British pride!), and we willingly obliged. Also, even though she suggested using only Max Factor colors, we ain’t choosy! You can pick whatever red, white, and blue polishes you already have laying around in your closet, and, if you’re anything like us, we KNOW you have tons of shades to choose from. So, what are you waiting for? Check out how to get a DIY flag manicure below in just six super easy steps. (P.S.- You’re welcome.)

PREP: All nails should be filed, buffed and prepped with a base coat.

STEP ONE: Using Max Effect Mini Polish in Ruby Tuesday, paint a straight line down the center of the nail.

STEP TWO: Next, paint a horizontal line in red across the middle of the nail to make the cross.

Photo: Via P&G

STEP THREE: Using a nail art striper (Ed note: Psst! That’s a brush that looks like this, and you can buy it on Amazon), paint the diagonal lines of the Union Flag in the rectangle space.

Photo: Via P&G

STEP FOUR: Outline the red cross and diagonal star using a nail art striper and white nail polish to create the Union Flag.

Photo: Via P&G

STEP FIVE: Paint small triangles in the gaps using Max Effect Mini Polish in Candy Blue.

Photo: Via P&G

STEP SIX: Use Max Factor Nailfinity Top Coat for a long-lasting, glossy finish!

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