The Blonds Drop All The Deets On Their New Blond Diamond Barbie Doll

The Blonde Barbie

The Blonds Blond Diamond Barbie.
Photo: Via Barbie Collector

If you haven't figured it out by now, we're OB-SESSED with The Blonds. Lucky for us, the always fun, always sparkly, always fabulous duo behind the brand, David and Phillipe Blond, just announced that they have released a new Barbie decked out in one of their signature fall 2008 collection pieces. Eeee! The Blonds Blond Diamond Barbie Doll pulls out ALL the stops in a bedazzled mini corset dress covered in faux gems paired with a floor-sweeping faux fox fur coat. If you look closely, you'll notice she's accessorized to the nines with giant baubles and glittery pumps. Me-ow. The doll is currently available for pre-sale ($125) and ships in mid December, but we wanted to get all the deets now! Phillipe and David were kind enough to answer all of our burning questions, so peep the interview below to find out how Barbie got all dolled-up in her designer duds.

MTV STYLE: Barbie looks UH-MAZING. How did you choose her outfit?

THE BLONDS: Blond Diamond Barbie is the epitome of over the top luxury and fantasy. Barbie is the doll who has it all! So, accordingly, we chose a look for her that is EVERYTHING! She is a reflection of the finale look from our Legends collection. These pieces came from our love of all things having to do with legendary Blonds. Marlene Dietrich's famous Vegas coat, Marilyn Monroe meets Jerry Hall Hair, Phillipe's personal makeup look and diamond jewelry all played a role in designing this Barbie. For our first massive collaboration with one of the world's most famous Blonds, it was the perfect choice.

What was the process designing on a smaller scale for Barbie’s teeny, tiny figure?

We had the privilege of working with one of the Principal Barbie designers Bill Greening and his amazing team at Mattel, who hand crafted every detail of the original runway pieces we sent in. Every detail—from her hair color and eyelashes to the tiny cord that laces up the back of her corset dress—is carefully constructed. The highlights of her eyes, her nail polish and lip color is painstakingly applied with the precision of a surgeon. Though, one of the most fun parts of our visit included watching them style the hair, of course.

It's all very similar to our process when working with any client. You have to consider her silhouette and proportions delicately. Barbie goes through several evolutions until the exact combination of elements is achieved and the result was electrifying. Barbie is the ultimate client because the possibilities are endless. This is truly an art form and can only be described as Barbie couture.

The Blonde Barbie

The Blonds Blond Diamond Barbie.
Photo: Via Barbie Collector

How did you decide to accessorize Barbie?

All of the jewelry and accessories were inspired by Phillipe's favorite pieces from his personal collections.

Barbie’s lashes are incredible! What was the inspiration behind her beauty look?

Phillipe always does classic with a twist when it comes to makeup. So the look is very Marilyn Monroe meets Phillipe Blond.

How is this Barbie different from the collection of Blonds Barbies you released in 2010?

The Barbies released in 2010 were three, one-of-a-kind dolls made exclusively for our fashion show, but the newest addition to the Barbie family is for everyone. All Barbies are special, but this one means so much because she is the culmination of everything that inspires us.

In your spring 2011 show, you walked down the runway with a case of The Blonds Barbies. Will this new Barbie have a special appearance during the upcoming NYFW show?

Maybe your readers could let us know if they want to see Barbie strut her stuff by commenting below. Anything is possible, and you never know what will happen at The Blonds' show!

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