Music Festival Beauty At Lollapalooza 2012

First Aid Kit

A festival-goer at Lollapalooza on Saturday
Photo: Jesse Lirola

Yesterday at Lollapalooza, it was hot, humid, muddy, AND there was a tornado warning evacuation. In other words, not exactly the best beauty conditions. Despite all of these, uh, obstacles, the Lolla crew still turned out a strong makeup game at the festival both before and after the massive storm. From bright pink to red to even flashes purple, statement lips with a matte finished dominated the crowd- not to mention, definitely stood out from the rest of the dirt-soaked pack. Cat-eyes, colored liner, and glitter (on face, arms, and body) also ruled... and you can bet THAT'S due to the dance party lineup last night, which began shortly after the storm passed. Santigold, Calvin Harris and Avicii crammed into three hours? Yes, please!

CK One

CK One Color Eyeliner Marker and Lip Gloss
Photo: Courtesy of CK One

On the morning of day two, we decided to give CK One Color's new long-lasting products the ultimate Lollapalooza test. We kept things semi-lowkey, applying the 3-in-1 Makeup, the Eyeliner Marker, and the Lip Gloss around noon, never thinking that the products would have to survive a thunderstorm just a couple hours later. But here's the thing: not only did they make it through the storm and the evacuation (we took refuge in a nearby hotel, walking up 16 flights of stairs to avoid the crowd), but they even stayed put during the sweaty, muddy, messy aftermath once the show started back up again. Hopefully we won't have to weather (pun intended) a downpour again on the last day of the festival, but at least we'll be prepared. Oh, and we're DEFINITELY bringing them back with us even after Lolla is over. If they can withstand these conditions, then a New York City summer should be a piece of cake.

Click through our favorite Lollapalooza looks below, and stay tuned all weekend for more!


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