Demi Lovato Or Rihanna: Who Wore A Pink Polka-Dot Bandana Best?

Demi Lovato, Rihanna

Demi Lovato and Rihanna have both worn pink polka-dot bandanas.
Photo: Splash News

Listen, y'all. We love Demi Lovato, and we love Rihanna. We know Demi loves Ri, else she wouldn't wear the "We Found Love" singer's face across her tank top, and we can only assume the feelings are mutual for Miss Robyn Fenty. The two are beautiful, fashion-forward ladies, each in her own right. Each girl sits at the forefront of fashion and beauty trends. It was only a matter of time before their style games were bound to collide and that they have in all their bandana-rama glory. To reiterate, we have nothing but the deepest, most fervent love for these girls coursing through our veins, but we just have to do this: which one wore a pink polka-dot bandana best?

It's hard to ignore how certifiably adorable Demi looks in this Rosie the Riveter-inspired steez. Of course, Rosie would have a hard time rocking those shoulder spikes and circular sunnies welding together war-time aircrafts (also, that eyelet corset, though darling, would be easily ruined), but her influence on this head scarf + denim + bold, bright lip combination is undeniable. Also, the way her curly tendrils peek out on both sides of the bandana is just soooooo *brings thumb and forefinger together in a circle with the three remaining fingers splayed* YES.

We've known about Rihanna's bandana game for a few months now. While Ri goes for the Rosie red lip, she skips the denim note on this sartorial homage. Instead, the Barbados beauty opts for an oversized, ribbed, ivory sweater cut into a tee silhouette, a shimmering gun pendant necklace, simple jeweled stud earrings, and a golden Chanel charm draped on the knot of the bandana. Soooo... *ducks for cover* who do you think did the look better: Demi Lovato or Rihanna?

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