Rihanna's Rebelle Is UK's Fastest-Selling Celebrity Perfume


Rihanna's Rebelle perfume is the fastest-selling celebrity fragrance in the UK.
Photo: Courtesy of Rihanna Rebelle

Looks like Rihanna has something extra to smile about today - you know, other than her epic tropical vacation. Ri's Rebelle perfume, the sophomore follow-up to her sweeter Reb'l Fleur fragrance debut, appears to be KILLING IT across the pond! According to Daily Mail, Rebelle is the UK's fastest-selling celebrity perfume, selling over 2 million bottles since its February launch. The British paper also reports that at this rate, Rebelle is on pace to sell "a record-breaking 4 million by the end of the year." WOW.

The Daily Mail report elaborates, saying Lil' Ri is out-performing fellow celeb fragrance heavyweights Britney Spears's Midnight Fantasy, Jennifer Lopez's Glow, Beyonce's Heat and EVEN Victoria Beckham's Intimately Beckham. And that's some STIFF, well-established competition for only being out a few months! We wonder how this will bode for her NEXT fragrance release: Nude. *strokes long, white-haired thinking beard* Rebelle is being sold stateside at Macy's ($49.00) and other retailers, so you can get in on the sales game.

{via Daily Mail}

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