Snooki Releases Baby Pink ‘Snookilicious’ Lipstick

Snooki wears her new ’Snookilicious’ lipstick.
Photo: Via Ka’Oir Cosmetics

We don’t know about you guys, but when we hear the name “Snooki,” we immediately conjure up an image of the mini meatball decked out in head-to-toe leopard print with bronzed skin, long black waves, a serious smokey eye and, of course, frosted pink lips. We’ve discussed the lips-that-are-lighter-than-your-skin phenomenon (the verdict is still out on whether it’s totally fierce or a total fail), and it looks like Snooks is bringing her much-talked about makeup trend to the masses. The former Jersey Shore star is releasing her first-ever lipstick with Ka’Oir Cosmetics called “Snookilicious.” The baby pink (heh, good one momma-to-be!) lip color comes in a matte/satin finish inside a black tube with her signature scrawled across the front. The lipstick currently retails for $21.99, and is available for pre-order right this second. We have to admit, though, that we’re actually sort of into this color because it has no hint of high-shine gloss or metallic glitter that makes a traditional frosted lip gloss so cringe-inducing. But, like, what’s in frosted lipstick that gives it that high-shine glow? We needed to find out.

Ka’Oir’s new ’Snookilicious’ lipstick.
Photo: Via Ka’Oir Cosmetics

Is it micro glitter? Is it an opalescent sheen? One lip gloss listed “Titanium dioxide” as an ingredient (wut), and then we fell into a really, really deep internet wormhole that gave us hilariously unhelpful answers like: “Frosted lipstick contains ingredients that add glamor to the lipstick color. It gives a pale and a metallic appearance.” Um, cool story bro. We think the answer is mica. Or like, some sort of metal that’s crushed up into a bajillion pieces, put into a tube and then applied to your lips, but regardless, Snooki’s new lipstick doesn’t have it! YAYYYY. Now that THAT’S out of the way, we have to ask—will you be snatching up Snooki’s new lipstick or are you sticking to your go-to glosses?

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