Lady Gaga Inks New 'ARTPOP' Tattoo, Hints Album Title

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga inks new "Artpop" tattoo.
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Attention Little Monsters! Lady Gaga has just delivered a MASSIVE one-two news punch this morning, revealing via Twitter and a new tattoo and potentially the title of her next album. ZUT ALORS! Talk about laying a bombshell - this news is HA-YUUUUGE. Gaga tweeted the above picture of the new tatt on her left arm (yes, the left - don't be fooled by the mirroring, Gaga's left "Iggy Pop" side is where the ink lives, Monsters and Gaga tattoo aficionados know her right "Marilyn Monroe" side is left bare) with the caption, "new ink new album."

AKDFDGJLLKA, does this + the text image she tweeted of "we could / we could / belong together / ARTPOP" presented with no comment (how mysterious) indicate the next record will be called "ARTPOP"?? We don't know for sure, but the odds look preeeeetty darn good. Lest we forget the Born This Way unicorn gracing her thigh, this wouldn't be the first album Gaga's had inked on her body. Plus, we rather enjoy the idea of her calling the forthcoming project "ARTPOP." A play on the '50s pop art movement, it not only winks at Andy Warhol who much like Gaga was preoccupied with the notions of fame, but it ALSO hints at what we can only assume Mother Monster is hoping to achieve with the next album: artful pop music. *twiddles fingers maniacally* We'll see as things unfold!!

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