Katy Perry's Toe Nail Art Makes Us Think

Katy Perry paired a blue french pedicure with her Prada flame shoes.
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Nail art on your toes. Toe nail art. No matter how you say it, it still comes out a little weird, both tumbling off your tongue and when you start to think about what you're really saying. Obviously we are about nail art in all its forms, but for some reason our minds get a little turned around when it comes to thinking about putting designs on our toes. Katy Perry, on the other hand, has been rocking bedazzled, patterned paws since way back. We thought, if anyone can help us understand, well, anything, it's Katy, so we took a spin through her toe nail looks of the past, to see if maybe we could make more sense of things. Katy's nail art is always more understated than her glittery, popcorn covered claws, but that's to be expected--there are practical concerns to take into account here, like wearing shoes.

Oddly enough, the pedicure that actually got us thinking about all this was one of Perry's simpler toe looks. Katy wore the infamous Prada flame shoes to an appearance at a Miu Miu fashion show, and her toes, rather than being painted all over, were simply done in a french manicure style, only bright blue to match her seapunk-pre-seapunk mane. There's something about a french manicure on toes that's, well, a little weird? Not in a bad way, just in an unexpected one, and it inspired us to dig a little deeper.

Katy Perry had pink leopard print toes at a charity event.
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Perry seems to favor simple designs on her toes, from polka dots to leopard print, which is what she rocked at a charity event, albeit in bright pink. This design looks like it could be thanks to a nail wrap or sticker of some kind, which seems like a much more likely way to do up your toes all fancy like, than having a nail artist slaving over your feet. So here are our thoughts: we've heard that there are people in this world who have jobs that don't allow them to have nail art, and also that some school dress codes prohibit bright or flashy polish. We personally could not live in a world that limited our nail expression, but people do. For them, toe nails are a cheeky little way to sneak in some nail art that they'll know is there, but their bosses and mean school principals won't be any the wiser. For this purpose, we LOVE toe nail art. HOWEVER, there's still something about it that gives us a little bit of pause, but maybe we just need a little more time to think about it.

What do you think about nail art on your toes?

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