Kiernan Shipka Takes 'Harper's Bazaar' On A Tour Of Her Closet

Kiernan Shipka in Little Marc.
Photo: Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar

Is it weird to say that we take some of our style inspiration from a girl who is barely out of grade school? We hope not, because Mad Men's Kiernan Shipka, and her on-screen character Sally Draper, give us a lot of sartorial food for thought day in and day out. We don't even want to start on what we wore when we were twelve (excuse us, twelve and a half), but it definitely wasn't capes from Chloe kids or Little Marc Jacobs peter pan collar blouses. The closest we got to those things involved borrowing, sometimes with permission, sometimes definitely without, our mom's old Betsey Johnson dresses and trying in vain to fit into her shoes. But Kiernan has a discerning eye, an imaginative fashion sense and is, well, pretty fancy for a girl her age. Kiernan took Harper's Bazaar into her amazing (mohogany!) closets in a super cute new video, the fourth installment of their series 'The Look.'

First of all. Sally. Draper's. GoGo. Boots. In case you're not a Mad Men super-fan like we are, here's a little back story: Sally Draper, the daughter of advertising mogul Don Draper, begs to go to her a ceremony at which her father is getting an award, we think it's the Clio. She gets permission to go, and gets a super amazing ultra-60's outfit to wear, complete with white gogo boots. Her dad thinks they, along with her makeup, are too grown up, but Sally breaks them out in later episodes when she's trying to act mature. They're to die for, and Kiernan has them in her closet!