Alexa Chung And Sarah Jessica Parker: Fashion Heavyweights To Hit TV

Alexa Chung, Sarah Jessica Parket

Alexa Chung and Sarah Jessica Parker will guest star on "Gossip Girl" and "Glee" respectively.
Photo: Getty Images

Hold on to your hats, Stylettes. It looks like two of our favorite fashion heavyweights are returning to the smallscreen this fall in a pair supremely exciting guest-starring roles: Alexa Chung on Gossip Girl and Sarah Jessica Parker on Glee! *buckles over with unbridled joy* Can you even IMAGINE?? Think of the Peter Pan collars, the costume jewelry, THE CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA KITTY CAT FLATS!

Alexa was spotted out and about in New York Cityy yesterday in full hair, makeup, and wardrobe on the set of GG which will be in its sixth and FINAL season this fall. *pours a little out* From the looks of the rest of the on-site snaps from yesterday afternoon, she'll be in a scene with Queen B, Blaire Waldorf (Leighton Meester), who, if you'll remember from the last GG season finale may take over her mom's fashion company. According to British Vogue, Alexa will be playing herself, but that doesn't necessarily mean she'll have a quickie cameo. She IS a TV-veteran, after all.

Similarly, SJP is no stranger to the small screen. Amidst our excitement about potentially seeing her sing a lick or two (remember how she has singing chops?? *cue Hocus Pocus reel and "Come Little Children"*), Sarah Jessica Parker's stint on Glee will find her playing the online editor of AND according to New York Magazine and the keen eye they're keeping on Glee-creator Ryan Murphy's Twitter feed, THE Anna Wintour will be helping style Parker for the role. AKJLFGHLAKJDFGH. Brain. turning. to. putty. *sets DVR, shuts down*

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