Lady Gaga Sports Head-To-Toe Latex For Second Fame Fragrance Ad

Lady Gaga Fame Fragrance Ad

Lady Gaga in her new Fame fragrance ad.
Photo: Via Lady Gaga

By now, Lady Gaga has pulled out ALL the stops to promote her new Fame fragrance—the debut ad featured her lying in the nude with little men crawling all over her body (don't ask) with the lovely black liquid-filled bottle propped in her hand, which was followed by a fashiony-yet-oddly-confusing mechanical, pulsating black and white video with the Haus Laboratories' workmen concocting her mysterious dark-tinted fluid while wearing overalls and, um, not much else. Last night, Gaga revealed yet another campaign image featuring a mirrored shot of Mother Monster herself sporting a head-to-toe latex ensemble. And when we say "head to toe," we MEAN head to freakin' toe, y'all.

Only part of her face peeked out from her shiny black one-piece that stretched around her neck down to her heelless platform shoes. She wore a black eye mask (SO Zorro, no?) paired with black lipstick and a futuristic, wide-brimmed hat. The campaign, shot by Steven Klein and styled by Brandon Maxwell, exudes the same dark, eery feeling as the perfume itself, which is described to be "black like the soul of fame." Mmmmm hmmmm. This bad boy is set to hit stores this fall, but what do you think—do you like Lady Gaga's latest Fame ad?

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