Katy Perry Works Yin-Yang Nail Art On September 'Elle' Cover

Katy Perry is pretty in pink on Elle's September cover.
Photo: Elle/Carter Smith

The September issues are coming! The September issues are coming! With the summer quickly waning (can you believe it's already August?) and fall creeping in through the cracks between our tired air conditioners, it's only natural that we're starting to get giddy about the fall fashion mag onslaught. Imagine our excitement when we learned that Katy Perry would be the September cover girl for Elle! Ever since her space-alien-chic photo spread in Vogue Italia, we've awaited every new Katy cover with rapt anticipation, wondering if she'll go back to her old sunshine and sparkles style, or if we'll see more of the austere, boundary pushing Katy we saw in that shoot. The Elle cover is something of a combination of the two, we have to say--Katy is sporting an ultra long, super straight version of the purple and black mane she's been sporting as of late, a curve hugging bubblegum pink dress with, yes, sparkles, and our favorite part, yin-yang nails. Katy tweeted a photo of the tips almost two months ago, with the caption "light cannot exist without darkness," and we're pretty certain this is the very same mani.

Katy Perry brings the drama.
Photo: Elle/Carter Smith

In the headline, Katy is quoted as saying "I can't be the candy queen forever," and while we would NEVER want her to give up her signature style (or her stylist) we have to say we're looking forward to seeing Katy continue to switch up her looks and try new things. The interior photo in the spread is much darker than what we're used to seeing from the singer, featuring an architectural dress that combines long, sleek lines with mixed prints and a pretty incredible, super sheer neckline, ending in a mock turtleneck. Katy looks into the camera open-mouthed, her hair in an updo that's somehow messy despite looking totally perfect. We're super into this new, slightly edgier version of Perry, and we can't wait to see where the coming months (and next album) take her. Oh and also, "Wide Awake" hit #1 on the Billboard charts, becoming Katy's 9th #1 single. The queen indeed.

What do you think of Katy Perry's Elle cover look?

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