Blake Lively Is A Golden Hollywood Goddess In Gucci Premiere Clip

Blake Lively channels Veronica Lake at the premiere of Savages.
Photo: Getty

Perfume ads are always so dramatic. A mysterious glance, a glittering city scape, and then the product name whispered, deep and low, right at the end. The new clip for Gucci's Premiere fragrance follows this format perfectly, but the fact that it's directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, who also directed Drive, pretty much means the drama factor is increased about a billion-fold. We saw the director on set with Blake Lively last month, and now we're finally seeing the result! Are those the opening notes of M83's "Midnight City" we hear? They are! And so the drama is taken up even further, brought to an apex when the camera takes in a gilt haired staring out the window of a majestic and oddly familiar Los Angeles cityscape. Why is it familiar? Well, it's the same iconic view seen in such films as The Big Lebowski and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. All of the elements certainly come together to create an over the top effect, and Blake's old Hollywood, classic beauty makes us think the fragrance might be one of those new takes on old scents situations, which we're typically pretty fond of. Watch the clip after the jump.

Wearing an iridescent gold gown and her hair in sleek waves, Lively is every bit the silver screen goddess. The actress also struts her stuff in front of a giant fan on a desert movie set for a frame or two, wearing a deep navy gown that's a nice break from all the gold and black. See for yourselves here:

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