Azealia Banks Is Giving Away Tatty Devine 'Liquorice' Necklaces To Fans

Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks is giving out Tatty Devine "Liquorice" necklaces to fans.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of @AzealiaBanks's Instagram

If you've been spazzing out over Azealia Banks' "Liquorice" video for the past couple months (like we have), you'll be happy to know that there mayyyy be a (fashion-y!) payoff for watching it on repeat. Azealia told her fans (via Twitter, of course) that she's holding a contest with a nice little surprise at the end. She said, "I need you all to record your best covers of 'Liquorice' with your webcams! You can do a verse, the whole song, a parody video... anything!" She plans on posting the submissions to her Tumblr later this week, and the 20 lucky winners will receive a custom Tatty Devine "Liquorice" necklace in a cool glittery black. Ummm, haiiii, we need that.

Now, if you know us at ALL, you're already well aware we're obsessed with the British design duo behind Tatty Devine accessories. In fact, you can read alllll about them right here in an exclusive interview we did (NBD). If you don't know about their awesomeness already, they make killer acrylic cut-out designs including everything from giant dinosaur skeletons to super fun personalized nameplate pieces. Basically what we're trying to say is: GET YER BUTT MOVING AND MAKE A VIDEO FOR AZEALIA. These necklaces are TOTES worth all the effort, and, plus, it gets you to create something fun, right? I mean, who knows, maybe WE'LL even submit something. #willdoanythingforfreejewelry

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