Did The 'Daria' Cast Inspire These Fall 2012 Runway Collections?!

Daria, Marc by Marc Jacobs

Daria Morgendorffer and a look from the Marc by Marc Jacobs FW12 collection.
Photo: MTV/ Getty Images

Reason #105432 that summer TV rules: our favorite sarcastic, smart, and stylish pessimist Daria is officially back! Starting today we're rolling out episodes of eponymous cult series as part of Retro MTV- the same block of shows that delivers classic faves like The Hills and Laguna Beach. And while Daria's influence over kids of the '90s is a total no-brainer, turns out the Lawndale High School students have inspired the style world, as well. Besides giving tons of easy outfit ideas that you can (literally) wear everyday, Daria, Jane, Brittany and Quinn have also rocked some of Fall 2012's biggest trends.... about a decade before they actually happened. The most obvious example comes from Marc Jacobs, whose Marc by Marc Jacobs collection was stocked with Daria Morgendorffer classics: pleated skirts, combat boots, and thick plastic glasses. When Lindsey Wixson and co. stomped down the runway in utilitarian lace-ups and black frames slipping down their noses, a post-punk soundtrack ringing in the background, the reference came across loud and clear...and we have a feeling Daria would definitely approve.

Jane Lane and a look from the Timo Weiland FW12 collection.
Photo: MTV/ Getty Images

As Daria's BFF and fellow misfit, Jane Lane injects a serious dose of biting dry wit into her red jacket, gray shorts, and high boots uniform. She's pretty much the coolest (besides Daria, obviously), and she'd fit right into the creative-grunge scene that Timo Weiland channeled back in February. The models sported graphic-print dresses, ornate flower prints, and slouchy skirts. The fabrics may be luxe, but Jane's rebellious attitude is still there: according to designers Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein, they took cues from the artists of "post-punk New York City." Um... YES.

Brittany, Jeremy Scott

Quinn Morgendorffer and a look from Jeremy Scott's FW12 collection.
Photo: MTV/ Getty Images

We want to hate Quinn, but we just CAN'T; she might be the anti-Daria, but she's still endearing in that annoying, little sister-kind-of-way. With her obsession with fashion, we can only imagine how obsessed she'd be with Jeremy Scott's crazy-colorful Fall 2012 collection. With neon hair, sequins, and '90s tributes out to wazoo, Quinn would probably spend her entire allowance to trade her signature smiley tee for Jeremy's glittery cartoon version. Sure, she might not exactly GET the designer's millennial technology references (did they have emoticons in the '90s?), but that's okay.

Brittany Taylor and a look from Fendi's FW12 collection.
Photo: MTV/ Getty Images

With her flouncy mini, too-small tee, and perky pigtails, Brittany Taylor is the total opposite of Daria and Jane both inside and out. Although this head cheerleader would rather DIE than trade her preppy sneakers for clunky combat boots, she's equally on-trend, beauty-wise, for Fall. Designers like Kenzo, Y-3, and Marc Jacobs each offered their own spin on Brittany's signature style, but we think she's most in tune with Fendi's double braids. They're cool, sophisticated, and perfectly offset the Italian design house's color palette of Brittany-approved blues. Not to mention, these intricate twists are just fashion-forward enough for Miss Popular to start the next big trend at Lawndale High...and tell everyone else "I told you so" later.

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