Selena Gomez Changes Hair (Again), Gets Bangs

Selena Gomez dyed her hair and got bangs for new movie role.
Photo: Courtesy of Selena Gomez's Facebook/Getty Images

Selena Gomez had barely kept her newly long and light locks for a month before changing her 'do up again. Granted, Sel's hair-changing pace is nowhere near the break-neck speed of professional hair whipper Willow Smith, and Miss Gomez has an excuse: the tonsorial switch-up is for a new movie! Just when we were starting to get used to Selenita's auburn, waist-length, summery strands, she's already dyed her hair dark again and gotten BANGS! (This feels a little reminiscent of our relationship with those short-lived blue-purple tips. *pour a little out*)

We may be a little shocked at the quick change, but Selena is of the lucky lady demographic that can rock pretty much any hair color and style. This is due, in part, to her AMAZING head of hair (which I, personally, have been ogling since she was a wee baby child on Wizards of Waverly Place). That THICKNESS. That VOLUME. That MANAGEABILITY. It's a tonsorial jackpot, y'all.

Summer bangs are finnicky territory, but if anyone can make it work, it's Sel. It looks like our girl might be filming the upcoming action movie Getaway with Ethan Hawke, and while we have no idea exactly how long she'll be on set or whether she has a stunt double with a similarly spectacular mane (or, you know, whether her role involves stunts at all... #jumpingthegun), we DO know that she'll have to keep this 'do for at least a little while longer for film continuity's sake. *twiddles fingers with excitement*

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