These Are Some Of Dawn Richard's Favorite Things

Dawn Richard mixes high fashion with her pop past, and the results are fierce.
Photo: Rick Craft

You’ll remember Dawn Richard and those smoke-y smooth Brandy-esque pipes as the most talented member of Making The Band’s Danity Kane (RIP, 4Evs In Our Broken <3s). Just this morning, I frightened my overweight cat with my shower screeching of the Danity Kane immaculate classic, “Damaged”... (*sings off-key* I just “thought that I should letch y’all knowwww, that my heart is damaged, damaged...!”) Nowadays, whilst ex-DKer Aubrey O’Day is embarrassing herself on reality television alongside many a world’s most awful human being (see: Donald Trump, Clay Aiken), Dawn continues to slay lives, which makes her EP title, Armor On, appropriate. You go, girl. The video for “Bombs” in which Dawn WERKS a feathered head-dress a la Cher’s Bob Mackie days + an unbeweavable Rapunzel-rivaling braided pony whilst executing life-changing choreography in a desert replete with dancers somersaulting in the sand basically makes my eyeballs dance/my heart explode. *Breathe in, breathe out* And thank the gay Gods!!!: Dawn’s first single from her forthcoming album, Golden Heart, is set for a back-to-school-friendly September 1st release. Until that sweet day arises, we’ve nabbed Dawn for this week’s Favorite Things, and it just might be our fiercest yet. *Finger snaps* From vintage Givenchy to Lagerfeld, Dawn is not afraid of serving the kids a designer lewk or three. She also made us painfully envious of her sloshed recording session with Grace Jones (!!!) and meeting Whitney Houston AFTER shaking her thang on stage with Prince. 1...2...3... *Faints then rolls under desk*

Statement Piece: Vintage Givenchy Gold necklace. It goes with everything. I'm a sucker for gold vintage jewelry. I could just wear a white t-shirt and jeans and the necklace, and it makes the outfit seem more classic .

eBay purchase: It was actually a painting. Gustav Klimt's "Judith" canvas. He's my favorite painter. It took my condo to another level visually. The painting is beautiful.

Dawn Richard's tattoo took 20 hours to complete.
Photo: Courtesy of Dawn Richard

Tattoo: My back tattoo. It took two ten hour sessions. It was liberating. It takes up my entire back and was custom designed. It's three types of wings made into one. It symbolizes a freedom -- extreme flight.

Karaoke Song: "In The Air Tonight" - Phil Collins. LOVE this song. You can't tell me I'm not Phil Collins when I'm singing it.

Perfume: Flowerbomb Viktor and Rolf. It has such a sweet smell. It's light and sexy.

Dawn Richard loves 3-D nails.
Photo: Courtesy of Dawn Richard

Nail Polish: Chanel is my fav. I love 3D nails. It's kind of an addiction. I love to take inspiration from fabrics in lines to create my nails… Like the infamous tweed in Chanel -- I'd take that and apply to my nails. I like playing with fabric on nails as well, like leather and satin. So fun.

Lipstick: Givenchy (Rouge Interdit Satin). It's a vampire feel. I love it for the Fall.

Concert T-Shirt: Vintage Queen or Mötley Crüe. Those are my go-to t-shirts. They are ripped and worn I wear them so much. I grew up listening to them.

Album Cover Art: It's a toss-up between Michael Jackson's Dangerous and Bjork’s Biophilia. Michael took risks with his stories and concepts and it showed. Bjork took risks too. That cover with her orange hair and layered styling seemed so forward and timeless at the same time. It matched her music perfectly.

Designers: Karl Lagerfeld. Haider Ackermann. Tom Ford. Alexander McQueen. They are just perfection. They cater to the bodies of a woman, maintaining an edge at the same time. Lagerfeld's use of classic prints and vintage decor, Ackermann's chic layered style, Ford's tailored cut lines and McQueen's attention to bizarre detail…I would mesh them all into one amazing person and have amazing babies…LOL.

iPhone Application: Instagram and Rainbow Unicorn… Dont ask LOL.

Style Icon: Daphne Guinness and James Dean. Daphne just inspires. Her collection being on display is proof. Love her. And James was just effortless sex. I loved his nonchalant style. It was perfection.

Moisturizer: Clinique Moisturizer is my favorite.

Purse: Celine and Mulberry. I'm a fan of both lines because they bring classic looks to the table. You can be sure that if you get a Mulberry purse, you will be able to bring it out 20 years from now and it still will be classic and in style.

Fashion in a Music Video: I remember seeing Grace Jones' "Libertango" and being in awe. It was such an abstract work of art. Her voice alone was enough to sway you but the fashion. The visual risks were epic. Great video from a fashion icon.

Danity Kane Fashion Moment: Our first time at the Grammys. We were so excited. We had an amazing stylist -- she put us in beautiful Stella McCartney and Versace dresses. It was the best we ever looked I thought. Great time. Great fashion.

Dawn Richard's Stella pumps.
Photo: Courtesy of Dawn Richard

Shoes: McQueen and Martin Margiela are my favs. I tend to dance in heels a lot in every video and in live performances. I wear three to four inch heels so I like to take breaks in Isabel Marant sneakers or Comme des Garçon oxfords... McQueen makes great high heel platforms that are edgy and comfortable to dance in. I love living in McQueen… LOL.

Concert Of All Time: The Prince Tour. I got to dance on stage with him. Classic moment. He is one of my all time favorites, so to be called on stage to rock with him was so much fun. I was able to meet Whitney Houston that night and hang with her little. I'm glad God allowed me to see her before she went.

Hair Product: Ojon Restorative Treatment works wonders for my hair. I change my hair style up a lot, so it's good to have treatment for color damage and split ends.

Career Highlight: Having a #1 EP and charting #4 on Billboard with no label or features. And I'd have to say working with the incredible Grace Jones as well tops my list. She is a legend and to get drunk and sing and write with her in the studio was priceless!