Would You Buy This Jil Sander Paper Bag For $290?

Jil Sander Paper Bag

This Jil Sander paper bag costs $290.
Photo: LN-CC

First off, WUT. Jil Sander makes a paper bag? *side eye* When we first peeped this bad boy on the internetz, we thought it was maybe some sort of superhuman version of a bento box (newsflash: it's not), but when we actually took a closer look, we realized that this duder is supposed to worn as, like, a real handbag. *GASP* Listen, we know bags designed to look like lunch sacks aren't anything new, but there's one large difference between this Jil Sander piece and every other one we've seen—the price point. This sucker retails for—drum roll—290.67 buckaroos. YEP. FYI, it's ACTUALLY made out of paper (coated paper, that is) so this is a f'real paper bag, not even just a lookalike, for nearly $300. Of course "Jil Sander" is inscribed across the front to show that this isn't straight from the grocery store aisle, but there's no lining, no closure, or anything to differentiate it from, you know, other normal paper bags.

Also, we just have so many QUESTIONS while looking at this bag. Does it crinkle when you try to hold it? Do you just carry it around in your hand like a clutch? What happens if it rains? Will it disintegrate? What if we accidentally spilled something on it? Is it stained for life? We can hardly see the practical purpose of carrying around an unlined paper bag without a strap/closure/pockets/any basic amenities every single day, but then again, this is supposed to be made for dudes. Aesthically, it's beautiful, and we totally appreciate designers going out of the box and creating fun, exciting pieces for us to ponder over, but this seems just... a little over the top. What do you think—would you buy a $290 paper bag? Let us know in the comments!

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